Great Things for Milo

It has been more than a month since I last blogged here at Milo Riano. I am not gone and neither am I going away; a lot of great things happened which required my attention.
Just over a year ago I was so happy that I was able to see Bill Gates in person.
Reap the Fruits of Hardwork

Great things # 1
For the past year it seems I have done things right once again as I am going back to Seattle April (23 – 26) as one of the three representatives of Manila in Avanade Technical Summit.
Great things # 2
I was so happy and pleased to be chosen to go to the Summit but things became better as I received an email that I won the Avanade Knowledge MVP award and I was the only one from the Philippines that got it. I think there are only around 17 winners out of the thousands of employees of Avanade and Accenture Avanade worldwide. Awarding would be done on the first day of the Summit.
Great things # 3
I am happy with my new project assignment as I am working deep on MOSS 2007, a cutting-edge technology, which would deepen my knowledge and expertise as well as increasing my overall value.
Great things # 4
I don’t blog to earn a living and my employer is paying me well more than I need; but still, I was able to hit a record earnings from blogging for the month of March which goes to my savings already.
Great things # 5
My girl friend and sister finally decided to blog after more than a year of persuasion ( I guess I am not a very good marketer) and I am very happy to help them out using my experience and expertise.
The new blog they are having a blast with is — Celebrity Catch. I am also excited as I recently watched all 18 episodes of Heroes in DVD and would like to talk about it as Celebrity Catch.
Great things # 6
Soccerati was handed off to me by B5Media instead of merging it to the The Footie or retiring it from the network.
Great things # 7
I have bought a stationary bike and am officially making Spinning my number 1 fitness exercise for months and years to come (I’ll talk more on this in the succeeding months).
Achieving all these things did not come in a silver platter but were results of determination, hard work, perseverance and a lot of things that is required to make anyone successful in their chosen career.


  1. Accenture Avanade? I have worked with people coming from this company before, they claim they are the best, but they are not good technology wise. Yah they claim that they are lead or whatsoever from this company. I really like silent people by mouth but speaks loud in action.

  2. I am sorry to hear about that, but you must understand that in any organization there are always the MVPs and the below peer group.
    Not every NBA player can win the MVP trophy neither can everyone win a championship or become a scoring champion.
    There are a lot of factors that determine the results and performance in every project. Resources may not be deployed correctly which could be traced to client requirements, changes in scope, availability, urgency or even compromise between the client and the company to try out something new.
    I believe I am working with the best and the numbers and growth of the company speaks for itself. 🙂

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