Spain Celebrate 25 Years of Coke Light via 15k Bottles

Coca-Cola Spain 25 Years Coke Light Anniversary CelebrationI have written about Coke Monopoly recently and now have found another interesting article about Coca-cola. Coke is close to my heart as this is my first employer right after College.
Spain is celebrating 25 years of Diet Coke/Coke Light by building billboard made up of 15,000 limited edition Coca-cola bottles. The billboard is shown at Oscar Room Mate Hotel in Madrid.
You can view the story video here — 15,000 Bottles Make A Billboard
You might also be interested to read a similar massive number of items to make up a giant visual design. In this case its 21,000 photos. — “Mario Lemieux Mosaic built using 21,000 Fan Photos

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