A Comprehensive List of Values

Have you ever wondered about the various values you were thought early as a child. Do you still remember them? Whether you remember them or not, chances are, some of the values from the list below are already in your system; living by them daily.

The list of values below is comprehensive enough to guide you towards personal development.

  1. Liberty
  2. Liveliness
  3. Logic
  4. Longevity
  5. Love
  6. Loyalty
  7. Majesty
  8. Making a difference
  9. Mastery
  10. Maturity
  11. Meekness
  12. Mellowness
  13. Meticulousness
  14. Mindfulness
  15. Modesty
  16. Motivation
  17. Mysteriousness
  18. Neatness
  19. Nerve
  20. Obedience
  21. Open-mindedness
  22. Openness
  23. Optimism
  24. Order
  25. Organization
  26. Originality
  27. Outlandishness
  28. Outrageousness
  29. Passion
  30. Peace
  31. Perceptiveness
  32. Perfection
  33. Perkiness
  34. Perseverance
  35. Persistence
  36. Persuasiveness
  37. Philanthropy
  38. Piety
  39. Playfulness
  40. Pleasantness
  41. Pleasure
  42. Poise
  43. Polish
  44. Popularity
  45. Potency
  46. Power
  47. Practicality
  48. Pragmatism
  49. Precision
  50. Preparedness
  51. Presence
  52. Privacy
  53. Proactivity
  54. Professionalism
  55. Prosperity
  56. Prudence
  57. Punctuality
  58. Purity
  59. Realism
  60. Reason
  61. Reasonableness
  62. Recognition
  63. Recreation
  64. Refinement
  65. Reflection
  66. Relaxation
  67. Reliability
  68. Religiousness
  69. Resilience
  70. Resolution
  71. Resolve
  72. Resourcefulness
  73. Respect
  74. Rest
  75. Restraint
  76. Reverence
  77. Richness
  78. Rigor
  79. Sacredness
  80. Sacrifice
  81. Sagacity
  82. Saintliness
  83. Sanguinity
  84. Satisfaction
  85. Security
  86. Self-control
  87. Selflessness
  88. Self-reliance
  89. Sensitivity
  90. Sensuality
  91. Serenity
  92. Service
  93. Sexuality
  94. Sharing
  95. Shrewdness
  96. Significance
  97. Silence
  98. Silliness
  99. Simplicity
  100. Sincerity
  101. Skillfulness
  102. Solidarity
  103. Solitude
  104. Soundness
  105. Speed
  106. Spirit
  107. Spirituality
  108. Spontaneity
  109. Spunk
  110. Stability
  111. Stealth
  112. Stillness
  113. Strength
  114. Structure
  115. Success
  116. Support
  117. Supremacy
  118. Surprise
  119. Sympathy
  120. Synergy
  121. Teamwork
  122. Temperance
  123. Thankfulness
  124. Thoroughness
  125. Thoughtfulness
  126. Thrift
  127. Tidiness
  128. Timeliness
  129. Traditionalism
  130. Tranquility
  131. Transcendence
  132. Trust
  133. Trustworthiness
  134. Truth
  135. Understanding
  136. Unflappability
  137. Uniqueness
  138. Unity
  139. Usefulness
  140. Utility
  141. Valor
  142. Variety
  143. Victory
  144. Vigor
  145. Virtue
  146. Vision
  147. Vitality
  148. Vivacity
  149. Warmth
  150. Watchfulness
  151. Wealth
  152. Willfulness
  153. Willingness
  154. Winning
  155. Wisdom
  156. Wittiness
  157. Wonder
  158. Youthfulness
  159. Zeal

Which of the values above are you already living by?

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This is really unfortunate.

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This is really unfortunate.


Microsoft Court Filings from Women

This is really unfortunate.

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This is really unfortunate.

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