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Spain Celebrate 25 Years of Coke Light via 15k Bottles

I have written about Coke Monopoly recently and now have found another interesting article about Coca-cola. Coke is close to my heart as this is my first employer right after College. Spain is celebrating 25 years of Diet Coke/Coke Light by building billboard made up of 15,000 limited edition Coca-cola bottles. The billboard is shown


WikiLeaks on the Dark Side for Greater Good

WikiLeaks had a long list of haters for all the concerned party secret documents published on their site. The list of haters has exponentially grown since they published secret U.S. diplomatic cables. They have been ousted by Amazon as their backup hosting provider, Paypal has terminated them and public release documents point to WikiLeaks illegal


Groupon Lays Down the Hammer on Google Acquisition

Groupon has boldly and courageously put down its powerful hammer rejecting search giant Google’s $6 billion dollar acquisition. Groupon is a company offering discounts, deals and coupons for groups of people on a large variety of goods. This is a combined social networking site aimed for discount deals. The idea here is that the company

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