Career Mindset

I read this quote from one of commemorative SGV (an Ernst and Young member firm) Partner profiles when I was working in their consulting division for my practicum compliance.

Work as hard as you could
To get as far as you could
As fast as you could

Impossibe Is Nothing

I instantly became an Adidas fan when I saw their billboard of Muhammad Ali while on board the Metro Rail Transit on my way to office together with their “Impossible Is Nothing” slogan.

Impossible Is Just A Big Word Thrown Around By Small Men Who
Find It Easier To Live In The World They’ve Been Given Than To Explore
The Power They Have To Change It. Impossible Is Not A Fact. It’s An
Opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible Is
Potential. Impossible Is Temporary.

I have their poster with the slogan pinned on my desk’s white board.