Money and Time

When my friend Ryan and I were looking for a high paying job two years ago he told me that were only two things about time and money.

You either have time to spend but do not have the money to spend or you have the money to spend but do not have the time to spend it.

“That is not true” — I blurted out only to realize that for the last 3 weeks I was squeezing time to buy a digital camera but never had the time because of work schedule. Gosh, I don’t even have time to have a haircut. It’s just so pathetic.

Destined to Rise

A friend once told me that times have changed and being successful at this time is nearly impossible compared to our forefather’s time when the competition is not as tough as today.
I answered him back with a quote from John Gokongwei — “one of the richest people in our country”

In any generation no matter how tough the competition, somebody is destined to rise above the rest.

Man with a Thousand Question

I have a growing reputation as the man that sends out a barrage of questions in any event, to anybody, on any particular topic.
My mentor Luis, recently introduced me to an expat as the “Man with a Thousand Question”.
At the age of thirteen, I was one of those normal students who were scared and shy to ask questions.
I overcame this personality on the same year after grabbing this quote from the self-confidence section:

I would rather be a fool for five minutes than be a fool for the rest of my life.

Impossibe Is Nothing

I instantly became an Adidas fan when I saw their billboard of Muhammad Ali while on board the Metro Rail Transit on my way to office together with their “Impossible Is Nothing” slogan.

Impossible Is Just A Big Word Thrown Around By Small Men Who
Find It Easier To Live In The World They’ve Been Given Than To Explore
The Power They Have To Change It. Impossible Is Not A Fact. It’s An
Opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible Is
Potential. Impossible Is Temporary.

I have their poster with the slogan pinned on my desk’s white board.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Another hello world for me. I can’t seem to remember how many hundreds of times I have come across this two words. I’ll take this anyday though, it sure reminds me of my first encounter with computers 13 years ago.

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